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→ Anonymous whispered : please don't repost c: a reblog button is there for a reason! <3

Yep guys I got some messages telling me I repost stuff so lemme say some thingss (which probably nobody will care about but) I actually want you guys to know:

1- I know the reason because a reblog button exists. I’m on tumblr since over a year with my main blog and I never reposted anything so no, I’m not one of those who finds nice pics on weheartit and reposts them whenever it floats my boat

2- I’ve known a person here on tumblr who gave me the link of a page with kfashion photos telling me it was reliable to use it to find pics to edit because they were non-edited photos. So I don’t want to blame this person, but please know that I just didn’t do it on purpose

3- If I reposted an edit of yours, please keep calm telling it. Like don’t send me minatory messaged because it’s not nice and I haven’t killed a person so try not to get crazy in my askbox please and thank you

To conclude, thanks for who kindly told me I reposted their edits (keep telling me if I do it again) I’ll be more careful next time. ;)